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Examiner.com was a Denver-based media content website established in 2008 that consisted of a network of nationwide pro-am contributors. It was built on the premise that local experts (dubbed “Examiners”) knew their subject best in their area, and so cultivated regional writers in major urban centers as well as select top-level topics with a nationwide span.


The online venture was reasonably successful, publishing 3000 proctored articles per day at its peak for hundreds of subjects with a network of 238 city-based markets in the United States and Canada. Eventually, Examiner.com was acquired by Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG), packaged with the ticket merchant AXS and eventually shut down as a functioning content provider in July 2016.

I joined their network early in 2009 as the Dallas Craft Beer Examiner providing commentary on local microbreweries, the craft beer market and related news and events for North Texas continuously through their closure in 2016. With the Examiner.com organization now defunct, I continue to write (unofficially) using the Dallas Craft Beer Examiner title on topics related to craft brewing in Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton and their nearby counties.

My intent has never been to provide journalistic coverage of news and events; other professionals in the local media do that far better than I can. What I strive for is informed consumer-level commentary and analysis with an eye on the local products, manufacturers and retailers. Hopefully, I provide a voice from outside the industry but with an educated taste and more than a passing knowledge of the subject.

Many years were spent in research and effort to compile more than 400 online pieces over the span of Examiner.com’s operation. Content prior to July 2016 is being uploaded and backdated here as time allows and will be noted as such.


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